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You can post and recount your experiences, thoughts and feelings on your trekking, hiking and biking trips during your stay at Giunasco. You may post "travel notes" giving detailed information about a particular route for other guests to share and perhaps try. You may comment on your visits to tourist attractions, medieval towns and castles. Furthermore, if you have taken any photos on these excursions please let us have them (max 5) and they will be uploaded to the photo gallery in the 'Experiences' section.
Photos should be sent to our e.mail address.

To upload guest posts, please fill in all fields on the form, paste your text in the space provided and press Enter.

Privacy Policy

According to Law 196 dated 30.06.2003 – personal data is handled by Giunasco Farm Holidays/Azienda Agrituristica Giunasco pursuant to the laws and regulations governing the protection of personal information, guaranteeing that data will only be used in compliance with confidentiality obligations regarding personal identity, fundamental rights, basic freedom and human dignity. Pursuant to Art. 13 of the aforementioned law, we inform you that the handling of your personal data serves the sole purpose of sending information. At any moment in time you may make a written request to have information on the personal data held about you, ask for the data to be updated, corrected, integrated, and in extreme circumstances, deleted or blocked, by sending an e.mail to monique@giunasco.it


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